Roger Vincent Jasaitis

A Moment of Summer, Maine

Burnt Island Light


This lighthouse is the second oldest light in Maine. The conical tower on Burnt Island is built of granite likely quarried on the island and stands thirty feet tall. The four-foot thick walls at the tower’s base have given it such stability that it has never been rebuilt, and today it is the second-oldest original lighthouse structure in Maine, behind the Portland Head Light, built in 1791 when Maine was still part of Massachusetts. I caught this view while a passenger on an old wooden schooner under sail. This painting is oil on paper, adding a distinct textural element under the layers of paint. This painting is a commission.

The following work is another quintessential Maine image with the early morning fog burning off under the summer sun. It is the time of morning when the water surface reflects the sea floor as much as the sky. This painting is oil on canvas, using many layers of transparent glazing to achieve the radiance of the scene… a study in transparency and reflection. To purchase this work or commission a painting contact me.

psalm 191, Fog Burning Off