SOS,oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, copyright 2013,

“What can be said of a society that pays more attention to a chirp from a smart phone than from a bird?”


I was in Boston this week helping my nephew replace a door in his home that leads to a small balcony. It is on the second floor so it is at treetop level.

As we worked the door way was open and his cat came out onto the balcony to lie in the sun. Immediately a flock of blue jays started flying about in the trees and squalking  their alarm at the sudden predator in their midst.

This carried on for 5 minutes or so. The city people nearby went on about their business taking no notice. Nobody paused to look up and see what all the commotion was about. None heard the distress call.

It made me stop and consider how narrow our awareness can be. Can you hear a cry for help in a different language? Verbal or otherwise? From a non-human? From nature?


This new painting SOS , is recently completed. It is an image of the U.S. Coast Guard station on the Outer Cape near Provincetown, Massachusetts. I was there as a hurricane spun by 50 miles offshore bringing heavy surf and high wind with bands of torrential rain. This station is a beacon of calm and hope in a raging storm. It exists to hear distress calls….and answer them.