Sacred Sounds

August Dawn – Photo by Nancy J. Lang

Do you have a sacred sound? A sound that you recognize as coming from the Spirit? A sound that touches your soul in a meaningful way? I sat next to a six year old in Meeting for Worship today. An hour more or less of silence. Of course Meeting for Worship is never silent. Each Meeting has it’s rhythms of exterior and interior noise. Traffic, passersby, weather, nature, buildings and furniture creaking, Friends testimony and messages, interior thoughts and problems and the minds busyness that we all try to get beyond…to that stillness of Spirit.

Yet as I sat next to Maddie, coloring in her book, listening to the rhythm of the Meetings messages, the sound of her pencil and markers on paper, the quiet swish, swish, swish was revealed to me to be my sacred sound. The elemental sound of the creative Spirit being transferred from mind to paper. The sound that I create and live with every day yet never thought of in this way.

Thank you Maddie.