Self Expression

Nancy & Goldfinch,, Copyright 2014


Our great slogan today is self-expression, and in the right sense of the work it is a genuine aim. But it is useless to talk about self-expression until we have got a self to express and we are all the time confronted by the question, which one of our thousand possible selves shall we express? 

In order to do that…you must discover what you want most. The primary issue after all is how to get a rightly fashioned life that is truly worth expressing…

Rufus Jones, Quaker, 1933

In this pursuit of self-expression on This Speaks My Mind we have now surpassed the 100 post mark. I thank you dear readers for your support in this endeavor. I have found that writing down my thoughts and sharing them with you has helped me to express them more clearly.

A new feature on this site that I want to share is a new page Post Index. You can find this on the top border above the logo toward the right side. I hope that this makes reviewing past thoughts easier.

And thanks to Nancy for posing with goldfinch in hand…