Selling Out


psalm 180, oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, copyright 2013,
psalm 180

I remember reading a story (which may be apocryphal ) that Rembrandt decided to go into print-making so that the average person could afford to have his art on their walls. Art is not only for the rich. I have always been sensitive to this and have strived to keep my prices and payment options flexible.

Even so, it takes a sizable chunk of disposable income to buy a painting. I believe that it is worth it because you get a one-of -a-kind creation that was touched by the artist. I have always thought that a bit of the inspiration of creation gets transposed into the work. The spirit so to say. Probably most of you agree with me on this point.

This isn’t to say that you can’t be moved by a print (or screen image for that matter). It is just not the same as the original.

I bring this up because I was approached by a new start-up company called Turning Art that creates high quality prints from original artwork and markets them in a new way. Here is the way it works; for a small monthly fee you get to choose a piece of art online that they ship to you framed. When you tire of that work you can choose a new piece and swap it for the first one. You can swap work as much as you want keeping fresh artwork on your walls monthly. If you really like a print, you can buy it. If you really, really like the image you can buy the original artwork.

Disclaimer: As the artist I would get a small monthly fee when an image is chosen for a print. A slightly larger fee if a print is sold. And a commission if the artwork is sold.

I have resisted making prints of my artwork for a long time thinking that it would dilute my creative energy. I have come to see now that perhaps, in a marketing sense, it is better to have my images available to a wider audience.

Am I selling out?

If you want to check it out, type or paste my name (Roger Vincent Jasaitis) in the search box at Turning Art. If you have suggestions for images that you would like to see available contact me.