Goldfinch in Hand, photo by Roger Vincent Jasaitis,, copyright 2014


Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.


I read in the Atlantic Monthly this week that someone thought that this was the worst prediction of all time. My first thought was; unless it is the end of history, how would you know if it’s true?

Of course, if you look around today you would think the meek (or gentle in some translations) are not inheriting anything but economic injustice, ecological disaster and oppression. If you look at the worlds leaders, meekness is not a quality that comes to mind. However, we have had leaders in the past who held this trait. Many times though they don’t live long in positions of influence.

Perhaps the length of their lives in power is besides the point? After all, we still hold the beliefs of Jesus; not the Roman empire, Lincoln; not the slaveholders, Gandhi; not the British empire, Martin Luther King Jr.; not the segregationists.

It could be the inheritance the meek receive are the ideas and beliefs that will ultimately save the world from greed and ecological destruction.

One can hope…