Seeing Art

Townshend Barn, Photo by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, Copyright 2014,

Did you ever notice how artwork becomes invisible? You hang it on your wall and it looks great! After a month or so it has disappeared. You don’t see it any more. It has become part of the furnishings.

This is the way of our visual interpretation of the world. We tend to notice new things in our environment more. We see change.

As an antidote to this effect of disappearing artwork, rotation is the key. Move your artwork around. A new wall, a different room, a movable easel. You will be surprised at how when moved to a new location your art will re-appear. You will see new things in it, perhaps a new interpretation.

This is why you want to own a collection of work. It makes the process easy. So you say; well… I’m not rich, I can’t own that much art. Here is a cost-effective solution. You may have read my recent post about Turning Art. It is an easy way to revolve art on a budget. If you want to try Turning Art at home, or perhaps at work, I am offering free 3 month trials if you contact me. Or go to and perhaps something will catch your eye?