Obsessions and Collections

psalm 155

Last year I performed a wedding ceremony for my family beside a brook that runs through the forest  nearby. In commemoration I created a series of paintings to capture the spirit and mystery of what I have named “The Wedding Brook”. We paused in the river of life to consecrate this loving, committed relationship. It was my honor to play a part in this event.

My method for this series is to paint in oil paint on black resin impregnated paper using brushes and knives. I layer paint in an additive and subtractive manner, mixing impasto and glazes with sgraffito to achieve a finely textured surface. I use both compositional design and close color harmony to accomplish a sense of luminescence and depth of field.

“Obsessions and Collections”

A Juried Exhibition at the Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, Vermont

Obsessions and Collections brings together a group of works  that pull you into the artist’s pursuit of a story, object, or event that is painted many times. Whether it is a passion for objects collected, a belief in a story or an event that is retold, these works reflect the compelling exploration of a subject and its relationship within the collection.

July 28 through August 26 2012, opening reception July 28, 2-4pm

For more info go to;  http://www.svac.org/events/obsessions-collections

I hope to meet you there!