A Lasting Image

Kana’s Wedding Day

How many digital photos do you take a year? 100? 1000? 10,000? With this technology on seemingly every device it is easy to snap a shot and then forget it. Even if you do look at an image again do you do anything with it? Do you process it even if only mentally?

My vocation is making lasting images, so this interests me. What will prompt you to say I want to have this image in my life on a day-to-day basis? To have an image for a lifetime? To pass on to the misty future?

I painted Kana years ago in commemoration of her staying with us one summer as an exchange student. She recently asked me to paint another portrait of her. I chose to portray her on her wedding day in formal dress.

There are many reasons to paint a portrait. It can be a fascinating process for the subject as well as the artist in discerning why.

Every painter paints himself. Cosimo de Medici -b.1389 d.1464…