Chalkboard Contemplation

Crescent Beach Breakwater

This post leads my thoughts to what is “productivity”. To be productive at what? Making widgets? Is this what we are here to do? Sure enough we need to earn our daily wage but I see being productive all about creation. What have you made today that makes the world a better place?

Here in Vermont there is an ethos of “re-creation”. Most places are not open 24/7 or sometimes even 12/6. Time is “taken” off to recreate. It is food for the soul and makes us productive in the true sense. Time to visit your Meeting or Church, work in the garden or community, play with your family and friends. Time just to think.

Does being connected to your phone and computer 24/7 make you “productive” in the true sense? Should making profits for business be the rule that guides society in what we hold of value? Quakers hold a testimony of simplicity. One way that this manifests is to simplify your life to “make” time for what is most important that is of value to you and to society.

One thought on “Chalkboard Contemplation

  1. christina cramer 06/26/2012 / 10:16 pm

    Ah….Crescent Beach, old friends, open spaces, long talks, nice memories. You’ve created another lovely painting, Roger.

    Creative simplicity….. what was dinner on Sunday, was recreated into soup for tonight, with a few additional spices and vegetables. I love to improvise in the kitchen and create as I go along. If I really like what I have made I’ll write down the ingredients I’ve used on a recipe card, but the challenge to create something new to eat usually wins. I’ve been giving away cookbooks I’ve collected and then my cousin, Jean is moving and she gave me two of hers. So I’ll pass along a few more soon. The challege is letting go of things held near and dear.

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