Song of the Spirit

Detail “psalm 161”
I first observed a Scarlet Tanager last week. It is a rare bird to see because it lives it’s life in the forest canopy. However it has a very distinctive song that is easily identified once known.
A bird alighted in the treetops outside the Meeting House during Meeting for Worship. The gradual awareness of it’s song creeping into my consciousness during silent Worship. First the melody and then the recognition of it’s distinctive song. I know that call.
This brought to mind how listening for the song of the Spirit during Worship can be a process of recognition and of discernment. An awakening to a voice that you have heard but not listened to closely. An awareness to the moment and that still small voice of the Spirit within.
Out of the Mouths of a Thousand Birds
Scarlet Tanager

Listen –
Listen more carefully to what is around you
Right now.

In my world
There are the bells from the clanks
Of the morning milk drums,
And a wagon wheel outside my window
Just hit a bump
Which turned into an ecstatic chorus
Of the Beloved’s Name.
There is the Prayer Call
Rising up like the sun
Out of the mouths of a thousand birds.
There is an astonishing vastness
Of movement and Life
Emanating sound and light
From my folded hands
And my even quieter simple being and heart.
My dear,
Is it true that your mind
Is sometimes like a battering
Running all through the city,
Shouting so madly inside and out
About the ten thousand things
That do not matter?
Hafiz, too,
For many years beat his head in youth
And thought himself at a great distance,
Far from an armistice
With God.
But that is why this scarred old pilgrim
Has now become such a sweet rare vintage
Who weeps and sings for you.
O listen –
Listen more carefully
To what is inside of you right now.
In my world
All that remains is the wondrous call to
Dance and prayer
Rising up like a thousand suns
Out of the mouth of a
Single bird.
~ Hafiz ~ 12th century Persian poet
Thanks to my Friend Eva for sharing this poem with me…and you.

2 thoughts on “Song of the Spirit

  1. ginger 07/31/2012 / 2:53 pm

    Thanks, Roger, for that insightful message, and to you and Eva for the forever relevant and beautiful poetry of Hafiz. Your painting is vibrantly beautiful…

  2. whineandcheersforwine 07/31/2012 / 4:02 pm

    Thanks Roger and Eva [I see a pattern here] for sharing the beautiful poetry. Also Roger for getting in my head and reminding me of quiet time and the fact that beautiful noise does exist.
    What are the chances I recognize the subjects in your beautiful painting Psalm 161? Unless there are clones out there I swear I know these from your property, whilst sitting on the back porch taking in that wonderful VT beautiful noise.

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