‘Twas here my summer paused…

psalm 180, oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, copyright 2013, RVJart.com
psalm 180
‘Twas here my summer paused
What ripeness after then…

 Emily Dickinson   

A summer hayfield in the West River Valley of Vermont with Putney Mountain looming in the distance.  A hot and hazy August afternoon. The insects buzzing about me, the hint of rain in the air. The realization that this day, this afternoon, is the peak of summer.

I have added two new paintings to my websight RVJart.com; 36 Miles of Trouble, which I recently posted about. And for those of you who have visited my studio this summer, you may have seen this painting in progress; psalm 180

On this Labor Day, while not the meteorological end of summer, it is effectively the practical end for most people. So this is a remembrance of this summer gone by…


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