Detail, psalm 184, oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis,, Copyright 2013 Roger Vincent Jasaitis
Detail, psalm 184

In having a conversation with Buddhist friends this week, we spoke about awareness. I was relating my thoughts on Sweetness a recent post. This afterthought about that post came to me; true awareness must include all the senses, but also include a sense of the fourth dimension; time.

It is a part of the recognition and acceptance of the impermanence of life. To me this is where the feeling of bittersweetness lies. When I was young I don’t recall having this emotion. It was only with age and the ability to look back at life that I gained this sense. The sense of the fullness of time.

I think that autumn triggers this emotion in many people. After two seasons of green, the quick and colorful transition into winter makes us take notice of the cycle of life happening before our eyes. Bittersweetness can add a sense of poignancy to the most everyday of events or emotions. You readers with children will attest to this. Having children around is one of our most visible yardsticks of the passage of time…and the brevity of our time in this life.

This image detail is of psalm 184 a recently completed oil painting.

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