Buy Art Not Guns

Buy Art Not Guns, donation button for RVJart.comThe question is this; what kind of society do you want to live in, one with lots of guns or lots of art?

The point of and my social media pages is to share my creativity with you from a distance. I appreciate that some of you are enamored enough with these images that I create to want to see them daily (I have heard that some use the images as screensavers or wallpaper on their devices). I also recognize that for one reason or another some of you cannot purchase these paintings outright.

I want to give you the opportunity to help support my art in whatever amount you can. That you would help me in bring this media to you would be a blessing…

If you donate more than $10 or make a recurring donation, I will send you a “buy art not guns” button that you can proudly wear  to show your support of the arts. Click here to donate!

Ps. There was a gremlin in the code for the donation button that has been resolved. It will now work!

Your thoughts?

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