The Giving and Taking of Beauty

psalm 186

Art is both the taking and giving of beauty; the turning out to the light the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. It is the recreation on another plane of the realities of the world; the tragic and wonderful realities of earth and men, and of all the inter-relations of these. ~Ansel Adams

This is a small brook that runs by my studio at twilight on New Years eve. The sun has just set and there are snow showers in the air tinting the sky. We had just had a quick thaw so the brook was open and reflecting the sky.

In this painting I am experimenting with low light levels at late twilight. The fading color at twilight is a function of our eyes not seeing the light rays reflecting off of the objects. The color is there, we just can’t see it. I am exaggerating the hue saturation to create a dream-like quality. The low light level also makes the edges of the trees somewhat indistinct. This series of works are heavily textured with layers of paint and tool marks evident on the surface.

I call these paintings psalms in praise for the spirit that I sense in the landscape;  the turning out to the light the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. To see this complete painting click here; psalm 186

3 thoughts on “The Giving and Taking of Beauty

  1. avidseeker 02/20/2014 / 5:33 pm

    Roger, just viewed the entire painting, and it is beautiful. It definitely has the quiet spirit of twilight that you have captured so well. Thank you for sharing… Ginger

  2. avidseeker 02/20/2014 / 5:36 pm

    Roger, I left a comment on the blog. I just wanted to tell you here that I think you have a typo at the end of your blog where you use the word SIGHT when I think you mean SITE.

    Hope all’s well in your world.  Doing okay here.

    Love, Ginger


    • Roger Vincent Jasaitis 02/20/2014 / 11:44 pm

      Hi Ginger, Thanks for following the link and checking it out! The web “sight” is a play on words 🙂 It must be the John Lennon in me…

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