Cold Hearted Orb

Detail, Moonset 214, Oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis,, copyright 2014


Cold-hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colours from our sight
Red is grey, and yellow white
But we decide which is right.
And which is an illusion.

Pinprick holes in a colourless sky,
Let incipient figures of light pass by,
The mighty light of ten thousand suns,
Challenges infinity and is soon gone.

Night time, to some, a brief interlude,
To others, the fear of solitude.
Brave Helios, wake up your steeds,
Bring us the warmth the countryside needs.
The Day Begins (Moody Blues)


I awoke early one cold, crisp, February morn to this full moon set through the trees. To see the complete image and more go here; Moonset 214.

3 thoughts on “Cold Hearted Orb

  1. Whine And Cheers For Wine 04/11/2014 / 6:06 pm

    WOW powerful lyrics and powerful image. If I wasn’t already a fan of the Moody Blues and Roger V Jasaitis I would be now. Thank you for bringing attention to those powerful words [I may have just skipped over them through the years] and combining them with Moonset 214. Both, are true art.

  2. Roger Vincent Jasaitis 04/12/2014 / 9:26 am

    Thanks Ernesto, that first stanza came to my memory immediately upon viewing the moon set even before I painted it 🙂

  3. avidseeker 04/12/2014 / 11:20 am

    Yes, Roger, I have to agree with Ernest; this poem from one of my favorite Moody Blues songs and your Moonset 214 perfectly compliment one another giving us a sense of timeless truth and beauty. Thank you. Ginger

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