Miracle enough…

Shoots and Snow, photo by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, Copyright 2014 RVJart.com


The last of the snow, the first of the green plants…miracle enough.

While talking with a neighbor this week, he ( being a Catholic) remarked on the importance of Easter Sunday in his faith. He made the observation of how lucky we are to live in New England where we have a physical, tangible reminder every Easter that resurrection is possible. Last week snow and frozen ground, this week life.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to one and all!

2 thoughts on “Miracle enough…

  1. christina cramer 04/21/2014 / 2:14 pm

    The yellows, whites, pinks, lilacs, reds, have been arriving in waves.
    We’ve watched the blue birds come in our neighborhood.
    And now the green pollen coats everything like frosting on a cake.
    Spring in full bloom.
    Enjoy life,
    The tiny bird sits on a bush outside my window in the warm breeze.

  2. avidseeker 04/21/2014 / 2:30 pm

    HAPPY SPRING, Roger and Nancy and fellow blog readers… Ginger

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