Becoming Beauty

Moonset 214 detail, oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis,, Copyright 2014 Roger Vincent Jasaitis
Moonset 214 detail

“What we do not nourish within ourselves cannot exist in the world around us because we are its microcosm. We cannot moan the loss of quality in our world and not ourselves seed the beautiful in our wake. We cannot decry the loss of the spiritual and continue ourselves to function only on the level of the vulgar. We cannot hope for fullness of life without nurturing fullness of soul. We must seek beauty, study beauty, surround ourselves with beauty. To revivify the soul of the world, we ourselves must become beauty. Where we are must be more beautiful because we have been there than it was before our coming.”

Joan Chittister, Illuminated life

Let there be beauty on Earth and let it begin with me…

You can see this painting Moonset 214 at

2 thoughts on “Becoming Beauty

  1. Hal Marshall 05/01/2014 / 3:38 pm

    Good thing you have beautiful Nancy all around you!
    Seriously, that is a great quote. It reminds us to think consciously of what we think, communicate, create and the impact that has on others and our environment.

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