The 12 Paintings of Christmas #4

psalm 177, oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis,
psalm 177, painting #4

The Twelve Days Paintings of Christmas

Holiday Special!

With this auction I am celebrating the twelve days of Christmas by auctioning 12 original oil paintings. This is painting #4

This original oil painting psalm 177, Winter Glade  is one of a series of paintings done in oils on masonite panel. It is a glade on a late winter afternoon. Back country skiing or snowshoeing is where you will see scenes like this in the Green Mountains.

This work was painted using layers of paint that were scraped off to reveal the colors beneath and sgrafito which is an Italian word for a technique of incising the surface with a sharp object. I call these paintings psalms in praise of the spirit in nature.

#2130202 psalm 177, 12″x12″, oil on panel

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