The 12 Paintings of Christmas #11

Vermeer , oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis,
Vermeer , painting#11

The Twelve Days Paintings of Christmas

Holiday Special!

With this auction I am celebrating the twelve days of Christmas by auctioning 12 original oil paintings. This is painting #11

This is an original oil painting “Vermeer”.  This is not a Vermeer…or is it? I came across this piece of Vermeer farm machinery in a freshly hayed meadow in East Dover, Vermont. This scene tickled my funny bone so I set up my easel immediately and went to work.

In order for me to appreciate this visual pun, I had to be able to hold multiple layers of reality of this at once in my mind. The finding of farm machinery in a meadow in Vermont is no unusual thing but because of the brand logo my brain kicked into art history mode. Johannes Vermeer was a 17th century Dutch painter famous for his genre portraits and interiors (think of The Girl with the Pearl Earring). The closest that he ever came to painting a landscape that I know of were some cityscapes of his hometown Delft. Unusual for his name to be in any way associated with a landscape.

#2140601, Vermeer, 16″x 12″, oil on canvas

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