Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind

You are not your thoughts. This is something that is quite apparent to me while Worshiping or meditating. When you Worship silently or meditate the first thing you notice is that your mind is filled with distracting thoughts; things that you need to do, things that you have done, trains of thought running in every direction, your everyday stream of consciousness. But this is not you or your self.

If you remain focused and center down, in Quaker lingo, or be in the present moment in the Buddhist method, you can push past these distractions and free your mind to reveal something deeper within you.

You may have noticed the photo is the same Landmark College graffiti board that I posted in Be Who You Are last week. Perhaps you now see the left handed message Free Your Mind. This to me is the ultimate freeing of your mind, and being who you are,  doing what Socrates called tending to your soul and listening to that still small voice of the Spirit within you.

Your thoughts?

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