Surfs Up!

MLK Surfing, Photo copyright Roger Vincent Jasaitis, 2016

I want to live in a country that does not condone hateful rhetoric and the encouragement of violence. I want to live in a country that does not permit torture and the bombing of civilians. I want to live in a country that encourages it’s citizens to live their dreams peacefully, even if a little outlandish….


Artwork by my cousin’s grandson.

2 thoughts on “Surfs Up!

  1. avidseeker 03/25/2016 / 1:14 pm

    Roger, I want to live there too. The artwork is precious. What is more American than surfing? There seems to be a message imbedded in the work. I have spent a long time trying to enter this comment on your site, but WordPress is impossible when it comes to my password and trying to re-set it. I wish you a Happy Easter, Rog. Love, Ginger

  2. Roger Vincent Jasaitis 03/25/2016 / 1:20 pm

    When I saw this drawing I laughed out loud! Sorry about the WordPress kerflufle, I have no control over that…

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