We were more than dancers

North Face Vista, oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, RVJart.com
North Face Vista


“Then our sleds had wings;

We were more than dancers

Held by the wind’s music

And the spell of the world’s whiteness.

We rode on trails of light

From clouded pinnacles. We soared like birds

Back to familiar valleys;

And only in that final resting

Did we touch the ground.”

Excerpt from The Sliders, William Mundell, Hill Journey

Image: North Face Vista; A view from the north face of Mount Snow towards Somerset Reservoir and Stratton Mountain, Vermont. Oil on paper.

Contact Roger to purchase this painting, let’s talk.

2 thoughts on “We were more than dancers

  1. avidseeker 02/02/2017 / 11:39 am

    Love the poem and the painting too, Roger. Shared. I give up on trying to post on the blog. XOGinger

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