Ditch the Plastic


A resolution of mine this year is to try to diminish the amount of plastic that I use. I mean one time use plastic. For example, some towns in Vermont have banned the use of plastic shopping bags. It is being considered as a State wide ban. I have found that with only a minor adjustment of remembering to keep a couple of reusable canvas bags in the trunk of the car, it is no big deal. 

Plastic in the environment is a serious problem that society needs to deal with. It is in the oceans, it is in the soil, it is in us. I can not change the world, but I can change my own actions. I can be the change that I want to see. I know that at this point that we will never eliminate all plastics. For some health and safety reasons, this will be impossible. We can, however, change the usage of one time use plastic. Plastic shopping bags and personal plastic disposable items are first on my list to go.

Sometimes we will need to embrace technology that our grandparents used. Here is my new shaving razor:

It is like the one that my grandfather and father used. And the one that I nicked (pardon the pun) from my father to begin shaving with.  It will last me the rest of my life. The blades will cost a couple of bucks a year. A bargain in the long term and a saving of hundreds of plastic disposable shavers. 

Will you join me in changing the world?

And not to leave the women out of the challenge… lavender handled!

Your local pharmacy probably will not carry these products any longer (well…perhaps the blades?). You do not need to go to Amazon though. I will save you some surfing, you can go here to learn and buy; https://www.westcoastshaving.com  reasonable prices, goofy videos…