Olas Rosado

Olas Rosado, Oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, RVJart.com, copyright 2016

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”

Henry David Thoreau

While rummaging through some old boxes I came across this painting “Olas Rosado”. This is part of the “lost series”. I painted this in 2008 and promptly forgot about it. I don’t know why this happened. It is unusual for me to forget about a work. It is a rediscovered gem of a painting, petit at 12″ x 6″, and captures the sun hitting the horizon at daybreak behind a breaking wave.

This painting was somewhat different than how I was painting at the time. It turns out, eight years later, to be how I am painting now. A subconscious reach into the future. Perhaps that is why I “lost” it. I was not ready to see it for what it is…

#2080701 olas rosado

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