Guitarra y Maracas, Oil painting by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, RVJart.com, Copyright 2001
Guitarra y Maracas

I saw my first live flamenco show in Madrid, Spain about 14 years ago in a small tavern called Casa Patas tucked away on a narrow side street in the old section of town. It changed my life because I became aware of duende. Duende is when, during a performance, the Spirit or Life force enters the room and you get chills and your hair stands on end. It is hard to describe unless you have felt it… but once you do you never forget it. Good flamenco traditionally strives for this Spiritual connection and authenticity. Other music contains elements of it as well, especially jazz and the blues.

Paco de Lucia died on February 26th this year. A sad loss for the flamenco world as he was one of the all time greats. He along with Vicente Amigo and others are proponents of New Flamenco, a modernization with the influence of jazz. I find this music very inspiring and I will paint while listening to it. It frees my mind in some way and makes duende accessible to my art.

Give it a listen and pay your respects to Paco…Entre dos Aguas


3 thoughts on “Duende

  1. avidseeker 03/07/2014 / 2:53 pm

    Hi Roger, I like your painting a lot.  Is there some link to “listen”. I didn’t see one.

    Hope you and Nancy are getting a little taste of Spring by now.  Last I heard you were not.

    We had a nice day, Hal, Ernest, and I on Hal’s birthday going to the movies and dinner and were remembering you and Nancy being here last year. Boy, it was COLD!  This year definitely not!

    Take care.

    Love, Ginger


  2. christina cramer 03/07/2014 / 3:58 pm

    Hi Roger and Nancy too. I agree with Ginger, lovely painting, does flamenco have castanets? It has been a while since I heard any of the music. I can relate this to tango music. Cioci Gladys danced the tango. She took lessons in her 80’s then Tom and I took a few lessons as well. There is something about a good performance, like the Argentinian Tango Dancers at the local venue. I was enthralled, enlightened, and felt the spirit move.

    We are faring well this winter with only a few storms, and snow lasting 4 or 5 days before melting. Temps in the 20’s frequently with winds so that I don’t like to go out much. There was quite a bit of ice and sleet this week too.

    Oh, my first daffodil opened up today, a white petal-yellow center. The deep violet muscari have stuck around for a few weeks, too.
    Hope your Spring will arrive soon. Just read an article about the bugs in New England slowing down due to the cold weather, but not the boon in ticks because they are already attached to the moose, etc. They said it would have to be very cold in Sept. but that didn’t happen this year.

    Love, Chris and Tom

  3. Roger Vincent Jasaitis 03/07/2014 / 11:30 pm

    Since you asked…I’ve included a link to a performance by Paco de Lucia. Thanks!

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